Carabiner Buddy

The Carabiner Buddy is the flagship product of our micro business.

Inspired by a friend’s home made V Threading tool, which was a bent length of coat hanger, attached to a Carabiner with electrical tape, the Carabiner Buddy was envisioned.

After many cycles of designing and testing, I think the Carabiner Buddy is the best V Threading tool on the market.

The Carabiner Buddy features a 3D printed body, using tough, weather resistant ASA Thermoplastic.

The Carabiner Buddy‘s most unique feature is that its designed to be attached to the wiregate carabiner of your choice, with zip ties.

The Carabiner Buddy’s generous 28mm reach will easily reach into the deepest hole ice screws can make, and its stainless steel wire rope, with hardened steel hook, will easily bite into the cordage or webbing that you use to set up your anchor.

more to come.