V-Anchor Tool

The new V-Guide is a great tool for those just learning how to set up V-Anchors.

The duel ramps are set at 30 degrees inward and 10 degrees upward, and assure a successful connection at the depth of the anchor. Use a 200mm to 220mm Ice Screw with this guide.

To use, the V-Guide, select where you want your anchor. Place the V-Guide in position desired with the Pivot Point and the points of the ramp against the ice surface. Level the guide with the bubble level, and start the first of the two holes. Once started, with the Ice Screw into the ice sufficiently, you can remove the guide, finish drilling, and remove the Ice Screw. Next rotate the V-Guide 180 degrees, place the Pivot Point back into its original position, and again level the tool using the Bubble Level. Repeat the process as you did for the first hole.