The Tag-A-Long was the first tool designed using, what we call, Sto-A-Way Technology. The original tool, called the Sto-A-Way, was designed to be stowed in your long ice screw, for ease of carrying, locating, and use.

Then came the idea of stowing the hook end of the tool in its own, specifically designed housing, that provided protection, from the sharp hook snagging your other gear.

The Tag-A-Long retains the loop handle that our original tool has, making it easy to place on your harness with any carabiner or tool holder, and tags along with the rest of you gear.

Unique to this tool is the housing, which is the first tool we designed using our newly created Sto-A-Way Technology. 3D printed, with strong weather resistant ASA Thermoplastic, the Tag-A-Long is designed to stow the hook safely.

The Tag-A-Long was developed