The Sto-A-Way started it all. Actually, watching you videos of Will Gadd making anchors in the ice started it all, as I decided I could make my own V Threading tool.

I love to design things, and 3D Printers have opened up a whole new level of design and production capabilities for the DIYer.

The Sto-A-Way is similar to many other V Threading tools that are available. It has a loop handle that you use to clip onto a carabiner, a flexible wire rope that has a hardened steel hook attached to the other end, and a 3D printed bell housing made with weather resistant ASA Thermoplastic.

So what makes it stand out from all the others?

The Sto-A-Way, as its name implies, is designed to fit right into your long Ice Screw, the one that you use to make V Anchors. That makes it easy to carry, easy to locate, and easy to use.





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